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Aer Lingus VA is a Virtual Airline, and has no connection or affiliation with Aer Lingus or any other real world airline.

Introducing Aer Lingus VA

Infinite Flight Virtual Airline

Smart flyers, Aer Lingus VA!

Welcome to Aer Lingus VA

Based on the fleet and routes of Aer Lingus, we are a Virtual Airline exclusive to Infinite Flight.

We are working hard to build a professional VA experience for pilots and controllers of all grades. We offer a great choice of routes from short regionals to ultra long hauls. Our simple yet enjoyable fleet offers our crews some great challenges, and is further expanded by utilising aircraft from our Operator and Codeshare partners. Events, group flights, a bespoke online crew centre, and a friendly community are all part of how we plan to make the already amazing experience that is Infinite Flight, even more enjoyable.

Our Fleet

Based on the aircraft of our real world inspiration airline, find out more about the aircraft that make up our fleet.

Our Routes

Keeping things as realistic as possible, explore our available routes and find out more about our Codeshare partners.

Crew & Ranks

All you need to know about our crew facilities and rank structure, and what we look for in our new crew members.

EIVA Live Flight Map

Latest VA News

Staff Applications are OPEN!

We can’t build the envy of all other Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines without putting together a special team of enthusiastic and talented staff! As we draw closer to the point where we can start to recruit crew members, we are actively looking to fill a number of key management roles to help make some final and ongoing decisions and plans.

Welcome to a brand new VA!

It’s nearly ready! Having seen a demand for an Aer Lingus based VA for Infinite Flight I’ve put every effort into making it something a little special for those who wish to take part. Based entirely on the real world airline from aircraft through routes, and even VA codeshare partners; Aer Lingus VA is focussed on providing an enjoyable, fun, yet realistic experience for members/crew of all grades.

Interested in becoming a Staff member at Aer Lingus VA?

We are currently recruiting for new staff members for a number of key roles within the VA.
If you feel your up for the challenge, and have what it takes, check out our current vacancies!

Current Vacancies

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