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Aer Lingus VA is a Virtual Airline, and has no connection or affiliation with Aer Lingus or any other real world airline.

Crew and Ranks

What we look for in our crew, and how we reward them!

As with the majority of VAs within the Infinite Flight community, we have some basic requirements to qualify crew members. We also operate a simple and rewarding rank structure to work through by flying scheduled, seasonal and codeshare routes, as well as taking part in VA organised events and group flights.

Crew Application Requirements

It should be noted that we are not currently in open recruitment for crew, yet it's important that the expected requirements for crew applications be known to those who are planning to apply when we open the gate in the coming weeks. The table shows the initial planned requirements, although they are subject to change on full staff recruitment and discussion.

These will be the requirements suggested to the management team, and are unlikley to change significantly.

Minimum Age 14
Infinite Flight Grade 3 or higher
Violations/Landings less than 50%
IFC Account, in good standing
Access to Slack App for VA communication
Pass the online Crew Application Exam

Pilot Rank System

The below requirements and availabilities are for VA launch only, and may be altered prior to full crew recruitment.

Rank Req Hours Available Routes Hubs/Airports Available Aircraft
Second Officer - Regional Only EIDW A320
First Officer 15 Regional & Short Haul EIDW, EGAC A320, A321
Senior First Officer 40 Regional, Short & Medium Haul EIDW, EICK, EIKN, EGAC A320, A321
Captain 70 Regional, Short, Medium & Long Haul All Hubs A320, A321, A330
Senior Captain 120 Regional, Short, Medium, Long & Ultra Long Haul All Hubs A320, A321, A330, B757
Base Captain 180 Regional, Short, Medium, Long & Ultra Long Haul + Historic All Hubs A320, A321, A330, B757 + Historic
Fleet Captain 250 Regional, Short, Medium, Long & Ultra Long Haul + Historic All Hubs A320, A321, A330, B757 + Historic

Interested in becoming a Staff member at Aer Lingus VA?

We are currently recruiting for new staff members for a number of key roles within the VA.
If you feel your up for the challenge, and have what it takes, check out our current vacancies!

Current Vacancies

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