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Aer Lingus VA is a Virtual Airline, and has no connection or affiliation with Aer Lingus or any other real world airline.

Staff Applications are OPEN!

We can’t build the envy of all other Infinite Flight Virtual Airlines without putting together a special team of enthusiastic and talented staff! As we draw closer to the point where we can start to recruit crew members, we are actively looking to fill a number of key management roles to help make some final and ongoing decisions and plans.

We need you!

We are looking, ideally, for people who can bring their experience from being staff on other VAs if at all possible. That said we are more than happy to consider applicants with no VA experience, providing they meet the requirements for the position, and can demonstrate their communication and organisational skills.

Whilst we are more than aware that running and operating a VA is an entirely voluntary activity, we are looking for enthusiastic members of the Infinite Flight Community who have enough time to spare to do the role justice. It’s also worth noting that during the process if creating the structure for the VA, putting together the IFVARB application documents, developing the website and planning route databases etc, we have discovered just how much it is like running a real world business. Please don’t underestimate the responsibilities involved in creating a safe, friendly and fun environment for members to socialise and share the enjoyment of IF together.
If you would like to find out more about the positions we are recruiting for, and the associated requirements for each role, head on over to the Recruitment Center here on the website. There you will find a listing of all roles, and within each description you will find the application links.

Still interested in helping?

Should you have any questions about the positions available, the responsibilities involved, or even Aer Lingus VA in general feel free to reach out through our Contact page, email, or by sending a DM to @Naz on IFC.

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