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Aer Lingus VA is a Virtual Airline, and has no connection or affiliation with Aer Lingus or any other real world airline.

Vacancy for Second Officer

Closes: 311200ZDec21


Aer Lingus VA are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications for aircrew positions. Should you wish to be considered for entry to the VA at Second Officer rank please complete the application exam linked below.


Minimum Age 14
Infinite Flight Grade (Min) 3
Violations/Landings Less than 50%
IFC Status Registered, and in good standing
Slack App Access Required
Application Exam Completed with a minimum score of 80%

How to apply

At this time, all our staff applications are submitted through Google forms. The button below will take you to the application form.

We will do our best to acknowledge your application, but please do not follow up until 7 days have past from the closing date.

Apply Now

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